Vintage LA Coppers
​​Honoring the History & Service of the Los Angeles Police Department

VLAC has the resources to provide any production with unparalleled realism.  As a registered 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization, VLAC offers expert technical advice and consultation in exchange for tax-deductible donations which fund continued research, preservation and education.  

VLAC advisors are experienced in working on film and television productions in close cooperation with actors, directors, writers, producers, prop masters, set designers,  wardrobe designers, picture car coordinators and stunt coordinators. 

VLAC technical advisors have many years of first-hand police experience ranging from uniformed patrol operations to vice/narcotics investigations,  burglary/robbery investigations, homicide investigations, crime scene investigation and analysis,  and undercover operations including surveillance methods and technology.  Advisors are experts in how these functions have evolved through various time periods.  A particular focus is on the "Early Professional Era" of the 1940's through the 1960's.   

VLAC is an authority on period police uniforms,  weaponry, equipment, automobiles and motorcycles,  investigative procedures and patrol tactics.  Advisors have extensively studied archival material, including original case files, photos, film, and artifacts to ensure that depictions of period police procedures and investigations are thorough and accurate.  Attention is paid to period-appropriate weapons and equipment handling, police language/jargon, and unique LAPD traditions/practices.

VLAC advisors are trained and qualified in the use of vintage police weapons and equipment.  Advisors own authentic period weapons, uniforms, badges and other equipment which can be made available to wardrobe and props departments as examples.

VLAC advisors own and operate authentic vintage police motorcycles, marked patrol cars and unmarked detective cars, all of which may be made available for filming.  Advisors are police trained and certified emergency vehicle operators with years of experience.

VLAC advisors also have expertise in the historic operations, uniforms and equipment of the L.A. County Sherrif's Department,   California Highway Patrol,  Oakland Police Department,  the California Department of Corrections, and various federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI and Treasury Department.     

For questions or assistance, please contact our technical advice coordinators:

Walt Hanna at [email protected] or 818 521 6811     Shaun Thurman at [email protected] or 626 344 4712