Vintage LA Coppers
​​Honoring the History & Service of the Los Angeles Police Department
  1. Great LA Air Raid of 1942
    Great LA Air Raid of 1942
    True to history, VLAC's LAPD officers join forces with the War Department to protect the San Pedro peninsula in a recreation of this 1942 event.
  2. Film Noir Festival
    Film Noir Festival
    The Film Noir Festival at Hollywood's famed Egyptian Theater is one of the few private events that VLAC members participate in to keep a lid on the dark underworld of the 1940's.
  3. Museums of the Arroyo Day
    Museums of the Arroyo Day
    VLAC members make the LAPD Historical Society facility (Old Highland Park Police Station) come alive again. VLAC had the privilege of participating in the Museum Day for the first time in 2016.
  4. Old Ft. MacArthur Days
    Old Ft. MacArthur Days
    VLAC members help celebrate and recognize the American soldier through history by participating in this educational event for the whole family. Held at the Ft. MacArthur Military Museum in San Pedro.
  5. "LAPD Day" Luncheon
    "LAPD Day" Luncheon
    The annual "LAPD Day" luncheon meeting of the Peace Officers Association of Los Angeles County (POALAC). VLAC members provide vehicle and uniform support for this important event.
  6. Toys on Patrol
    Toys on Patrol
    Created by a VLAC member and hosted by Van Nuys Police Station, this holiday tradition matches donated toys with needy kids.