Vintage LA Coppers
​​Honoring the History & Service of the Los Angeles Police Department
The Story You Are About to See is True...
The Vintage L.A. Coppers is a non profit organization of law enforcement professionals and historians dedicated to preserving the history of the Los Angeles Police Department.  We accomplish this through various interdisciplinary activities including:
* Department/Public Displays & Living History Events 

* Technical Advice & Consultation for Film and Television

* Vehicle/Equipment Preservation and Restoration 

* Archival Research,  Artifact Curation and Conservation 

Although encompassing the entire history of the LAPD, a particular focus is on the “Early Professional Period” from the 1940's through the 1960's, as the department underwent its most dynamic change and grew to meet the challenges of policing in the booming post-war expansion of Los Angeles. VLAC strives to accurately portray the life of the working beat cop and detective through this transformative period. 

VLAC works in affiliation with the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Historical Society & Museum to demonstrate the professionalism of law enforcement throughout history and the continuing evolution of the department to meet the challenges of policing in our society.  VLAC does not endorse any particular sociopolitical viewpoints, past or present.    Its purpose is to provide education and to pay tribute to the men and women who have honorably served the department since its inception.  
      Please explore the various pages of our site to learn more about us.   As the old time Sergeants used to say after roll call: 
Lets "Hit the Bricks!"